Apply to become a Professional Member

Who should apply?

MEPP is a professional organization of educational therapists, tutors, learning specialists and allied professionals in private practice. We accept members:

  • With a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education, educational therapy or a related field,
  • OR who have a degree in a content area with demonstrable teaching experience,
  • OR with a teaching credential and/or related educational training.
We also accept allied professionals with an education-related focus, who can present appropriate qualifications in their field.

Benefits of membership:

Professional members of MEPP enjoy many benefits.

Listing on the MEPP Website:

The MEPP website showcases your professional practice and the services you provide.

Members control their own searchable page, which may include pictures, reviews, links to social media and personal websites, as well as all their professional contact information.

The MEPP website is a popular and trusted source of referrals for parents and Marin schools, both private and public. Professionals search our website for experienced, well-trained and vetted support for children and adults with academic challenges or learning differences.

Professional Development and Networking Opportunities:

Members are invited to attend professional development meetings every other month.

Professional development presentations have included cutting-edge research, best practices in teaching methods, socio-emotional facets of education and business practices.

Members have the opportunity to suggest speakers and topics, or to apply to be speakers themselves.

Meetings also include plenty of time to network.

Collegial and Supportive Community:

Fellow members of MEPP are generous with their experience, knowledge and time. Through networking and volunteer activities, members meet like-minded professionals. MEPP is more than a professional organization; it is a community.

Notes and Notices Email:

Members receive regular newsletters not only with information about MEPP and upcoming events, but filled with local and national events and information pertinent to our field.

Application procedure checklist

If you are a professional interested in becoming a member of MEPP, you will need to:

Fill out our on-line application
Upload (or send in copies) of:
    Your credentials (teaching credential, professional license or other certification as appropriate)
    Your cv.
    Three letters of recommendation.
      At least one letter must be from a parent whose child you have worked with, or an adult client you’ve tutored.
      At least two letters must be from professionals who are familiar with your teaching, tutoring or educational therapy.

Application for Professional Membership

If you have difficulty uploading your documents, any or all of them can be sent instead to P.O. Box 7083, Corte Madera, CA 94976-7083.

If you have any questions about your application or membership, please call 415-464-0322, email or use the Contact Us form.

What happens next? After we receive your full application, it will be reviewed by the membership committee, who will make its recommendation to the board.

If your application is approved, you will receive an email notification. At that time, you will be given directions about how to pay the $100.00 membership fee and register to create your own web page.